Masonry Heater Benefits

A masonry heater is designed to burn wood but in a way different from other fireplaces, stoves, or heaters. The main feature of a masonry heater is that it can store large amounts of heat, which are then dispersed throughout to warm a home. In other words, the masonry heater burns wood in about a two-hour period, stores the heat, and then for the next 22 to 24 hours, keeps a home toasty and warm.

No Overheating

The other advantage to a masonry heater is that while it keeps a home warm, it does not overeat, a common problem seen with traditional stove heaters. Instead, after heat is collected, it is passed through to a masonry thermal mass, which stores it and allows it to slowly, radiate out. As a result, you could put wood in at night, waking up and going until the following night with a comfortable home.

Clean Burn

Another huge benefit to a masonry heater is that it burns clean. Too often, fireplaces pollute the air, which is unhealthy. However, with a masonry heater, the fire changes from a flaming fire to smoldering combustion. What this means is that the traditional burning process is incomplete, thus fewer tar is produced. The result is a huge decrease of pollution.


You will also discover that a masonry heater is highly efficient. This means that fire produced burns hot, while reducing the monthly heating bill. Today, the cost of heating a home is high, which is why we see more and more people depending on the heat produced by stoves or fireplaces. Again, while these options are good, a masonry heater is by far the most efficient choice.


A masonry heater can actually be constructed in numerous ways. For instance, you could go with a prefabricated heater, which means the heater comes with the facing already assembled. Then, there is the prefabricated heater core, also assembled onsite at the factory, arriving at your home put together. A hybrid core consists of factory components being combined onsite, along with standard refractory modules and the heater facing being installed at the home. Finally, the hand-built can be purchased as plans or custom designed and put together completely at the home's site.

Hardware and Finishes

With a masonry heater, you will have a choice of various types of hardware, as well as finishes. Therefore, regardless of your home's decorum, you can choose a design that will enhance the overall design. The most important thing is of course to have the masonry heater installed by a professional to ensure the utmost in performance as well as safety.