Stove Types

The stoves that we are discussing in this article are not the kind used for cooking. They have more in common with masonry heaters or fireplaces than ovens. Stoves are not to be confused with a fireplace. They may look similiar and provide some of the same effects, but here are some important differences. First, fireplaces are meant to enable you to enjoy a fire. Stoves on the other hand are designed for heating. Since they are designed to heat, they are more efficient than fireplaces. Most of the fireplaces heat is lost or is not used.

This article will try to outline a few stove types and will also seek to provide some of the benefits and drawbacks of each type of stove. It will also seek to provide an overview of how stoves are used and the different types of stoves available.

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves are quite easy to use. These stoves are powered by electricity. They often have flames that are created from electricity. They can be controled with thermostat like controls and can provide a good source of heating for a home. They are also generally freestanding and do not need to be vented.

Gas Stoves

Like gas fireplaces, gas stoves are convienent. They offer many of the benefits of a traditional wood burning stove without the drawback to burning and storing wood. Unlike electric stoves, they are not freestanding, but need to be vented. In other word, the residue from the burning of natural gas needs to br transported out of the stove for efficiency and safety reasons. This type of stove is efficient, but also requires a gas line or other source of natual gas. It can also be difficult to install.

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves provide the benefits that are typically associated with burning wood. Authentic flames and heat and crackles provide a lot of enjoy. Wood stoves also provide an efficient yet traditional method for heating a home or room. Wood stoves also need to be vented properly to make sure the smoke and ash is pushed out of the home.

Pellet Stoves

There are many different types of pellet stoves. Some are large and some are small. Some are vented and some are free standing. All pellet stoves are powered by some type of pellet or round ball that is burned to produce heat. One of the benefits to using pellet is that they offer many of the benefits of wood stoves, but some do not need to be vented. They are also a good source of heat.

Other Stove Types

There are also many other stove types available. Some may burn coal and others oil. These stoves are not common and are not used by most home owners for a number of reasons. Some of these range from safety, to clean burning, to the availability of a fuel type, or economics.

Where to Buy Stoves

This article was designed to provide an introduction to stoves used to heat homes. If you would like to locate suppliers of stoves, we have a few resources that might be helpful listed below.

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