Grill Islands

A grill island can help you take your cooking outdoors in style. And outdoor grill on its own can get you started. It has the burners, grill, searing plate, and hood that allow you to put chicken, burgers, and everything else over a flame in the great outdoors. Friends and family will gather around to enjoy the smell and to put tasty food on their plates. A grill island can extend the safety and functionality of the backyard grill by adding weatherproofing, stability, extra counter space, and protection for your guests and for the grill itself.

Weatherproofing and Stability

A good backyard grill should be able to do a fair job withstanding the elements. The hood is designed to keep out the rain. And the stand should be sturdy enough to keep most winds from blowing it over. But these features can be enhanced by a sturdy shell for the grill which can be provided by adding a grill island.

The grill island, encompasses your grill and gives it a more stable footprint on the ground. People running around are less likely to knock it over. The wind can't push it down. Even slanting rain can't get up under it and seep in through seams.

Counter Space

Backyard grills are great for grilling, but they don't offer any counter space to speak of. Perhaps there's room for a salt and pepper shaker, but if you want to have other condiments at hand, you're out of luck. Ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and whatever else will have to be stashed somewhere else, possibly on a rickety folding table or a picnic bench you've hauled over for the purpose that may not be entirely level.

You'll have similar problems finding space for the makings of burgers. Cheese slices, plates of tomatoes and onions, the patties themselves as they wait their turn to be cooked. The advantages of having some counter space, right there attached to the grill, are obvious. This feature alone makes a grill island worth it. It can turn your backyard cooking experience from a bit of a hassle into a great deal of fun.


When you're grilling outdoors, you're always worried about the grill. What if someone bumps into it and gets burned? What if the grill itself gets knocked over in the process? A grill island affords you protection from both possibilities. Guests will bump into the island instead of the hot portion of the grill's exterior. And a stable island isn't going to be tipped over by accident.

Materials and Design

The counter top is usually made of tile and the housing is often a stucco finish with a stainless steel door to access the grill from underneath.

A grill island can be designed in a standard left cut, or right cut fashion. The one provides more counter space on the left, the other on the right. You can purchase add-ons to the island that will extend your counter space even further, either in a straight line or at a right angle.

Where to Purchase Grill Islands

Grill islands are available at specialty barbeque stores. In addition, due to their poularity, most grill island types can be ordered from Home Depot or Similiar stores. There are some custom grill islands available as well. The reources below are a couple of places where unique grill islands are available. - Grill Islands: Offers an extensive line of grill islands and grilling products for homes.

Harbor Island Outdoor Living: North Carolina manufacturer of grill islands and high end outdoor furniture.