Outdoor Fireplace Surrounds

Outdoor fireplace surrounds are meant to provide a beautiful exterior to an outdoor fireplace. The fireplace itself can be a stainless steel wood burning model, for example, or a gas model. The surrounds should be built with various interior parts in mind so that you don't have to choose a certain type of fireplace to get the exterior that you want.

Outdoor fireplace surrounds should be able to accommodate the placement of a fireplace's vents. They should not inhibit the dispersal of smoke from fireplaces that produce smoke. They should not impede access to the firebox, and they should not cover over any aspects of the internal fireplace that are meant to be seen.

With those thoughts in mind, many companies manufacture or custom build a wonderful array of exteriors to go with the fireplace that you have chosen.

Brick is a popular option. Choose a surround made of artificial brick in traditional red. Or use tan for a lighter effect, gray for a more subdued look.

Stucco is another possibility. Stucco can come in all sorts of shades of off white, tan, and gray. It can provide a lovely textured exterior for your fireplace.

Perhaps rock or stone is more your style. Choose a surround with anything from a pebbled surface to fragments of miniature boulders.

Another possibility is tile. Properly glazed, tile can be a breeze to clean. And it comes in a variety of attractive colors. White, black, blue, gray, beige, red, yellow, green. All of these colors can be had in faded or brighter hues.

You may not want a firescreen for your fireplace. But if you do, you'll have plenty of options. A basic front with a black perimeter always looks nice. Or get the perimeter in bronze or pewter for a lighter look. Brushed nickel and polished brass are two other possibilities. Have the perimeter arched on the top or divided into two panels. More complicated designs are also available with horizontal, vertical, or latticework designs across the front.

You can leave the firescreen plain or purchase accents for it individually. These accents can run along the base or dress up the corners. Classic patterns like ovals, grids, or diamonds are always popular. A Victorian pattern made to look like wrought iron may be more your style. A simple floral pattern may provide the decoration you need. Or for a whimsically rustic look, try a pattern with pine trees and the occasional deer. As with the firescreens, these panels may be had in black, bronze, brushed nickel, pewter, or polished brass.