Outdoor Fireplace Overview

Outdoor fireplaces come in many varieties. Below, we'll discuss 3 examples which will give you an idea of the sorts of things you can look for.

Wood Burning Fireplace

A traditional wood burning outdoor fireplace can transform the outdoors, giving you an outside living room addition to your house. One such fireplace may have stainless steel construction for extra durability. It can have a 42 inch wide firebox to allow for easy enjoyment of the fire by a number of people.

This kind of fireplace can come with a short chimney to direct the smoke over your head where the wind will take it away. A realistic brick refractory will add to the beauty and durability of this outdoor fixture. A stainless steel grate and mesh firescreen will add to its functionality and keep it from spreading sparks.

Like any outdoor fireplace, it should be weatherproof, of course. Make sure it's tightly sealed and has good drain channels so it can withstand anything the climate dishes out.

Gas Fueled Fireplace

The above described a wood burning fireplace. But with a few modifications, that fireplace could also burn gas. Here's another possibility for a gas model.

There's no need for a chimney with a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces are smoke free so a good front grill can do all the venting work. So one possibility is a simple model outdoors that looks just like the fireplace in your home. Where the chimney would disappear into the wall, there's just the great outdoors. At 60 inches wide, 46 inches deep, and 55 inches tall, this fixture can present an impressive profile on patio or lawn while providing plenty of space for friends to gather round.

Gas fireplaces are ash free as well, so there's no need for a firescreen, but you can add one if you like. Realistic logs will add to the effect. You'll swear you're looking at the real thing.

Indoor/ Outdoor Fireplace

If you want to get really fancy try a fireplace that forms a portal between your living room and your patio. Sitting inside, you can actually see through this fireplace to the outside, giving you a huge sense of depth and expanding your living space dramatically. Sitting outside, you can see the living room and feel as though you're sitting in a lovely, cool extension of the indoor space.

A fireplace like this needs to be weather-tested and hurricane-rated. It should meet both gas fireplace and window standards. When you're not using it, it seals up as tightly as any window, making sure you stay cool on warm days and warm on cool.