Outdoor Fire Pits

You may love your indoor fireplace so much that you want to take that look and feel into your backyard. You may have nostalgic memories of evenings at the beach or camping out in the mountains under the stars, a blazing fire keeping you warm and adding ambiance. Whatever gives you that itch to take the fire outdoors, it's easy and safe to scratch.

Outdoor fire pits provide a portable fire in a variety of sizes. Whether you just want to snuggle up with that special someone or roast marshmallows with the gang, you'll be able to find a fire pit that's right for you.

Steel Fire Pits

A simple 20 inch diameter fire pit may be all you need. A heavy gauge steel top and heavy gauge steel screen surrounding the fire area will keep you safe while allowing you to enjoy a crackling wood fire. If you want to add a friend or two, expand the size to 28 inches in diameter. The traditional fire pit sits about a foot off the ground so you don't have to crouch down to see it or to bask in its warmth.

If you want to do some cooking, a steel fire pit may be the answer. A good steel fire pit will provide ventilation for your fire, giving you a cleaner and a hotter burn. It should come with a cooking grill to allow you to cook hamburgers, chicken, or whatever else. Or you can just roast marshmallows or hot dogs over as with a traditional fire pit. It should also come with a spark shield that can be placed over the top.

Hearth Style Fire Pit

On the other hand, if you're more looking for atmosphere, nothing beats an outdoor hearth style fire pit. The outdoor hearth takes the look of your fireplace and puts it outdoors. It looks a bit like an oversized lantern (22 inches on a side and 30 inches high) sitting on four short feet. The outdoor hearth can be fueled by liquid fuel to make it even easier to use and control. The height of the flames can easily be controlled by a knob-adjusted damper.

Other outdoor fire pits can take on different but equally romantic looks. Some are made to look like a simple stone pentagon or hexagon. Others appear to be constructed from stones pile informally together, like a fire pit constructed by cowboys on the prairie.

Portable Fire Pits

Any of these fire pits can be easily moved from patio to deck to anywhere in the backyard. They can even be placed on a sturdy table. Protect them with a simple vinyl cover, or move them into your garage when they aren't in use.

In fact, outdoor fire pits don't have to stay in the back yard. They're small enough and portable enough that you can actually take them with you on a camping or fishing trip! Don't worry about finding the right stones to build an impromptu pit. And don't leave yourself at the mercy of the camp site. Bring along your own fire pit and you'll be set up in style.