Fireplace Mantle Guide

A fireplace mantle can be thought of as a decorative border around a fireplace. The mantle is supposed to accentuate a fireplace and blend in with the decor for a room. It may also include a shelf above the fireplace. Mantles typically have to be installed and are not cheap. When buying a fireplace, the cost of the mantle needs to be taken into consideration.

Mantle Materials

Mantles can be made different materials - there is no rule for fireplace mantles that sugests any one material should be used. Some mantles are made out of wood an use dark woods like cherry and mahogany. Other mantles are made of stone or brick, accentuating a rugged fireplace. Additional mantles can be made out of metal or other materials, but wood, brick, and stone are the most common.

Mantle Types

For this article, there are basically two types of mantles: prefabricated, and custom made mantles. Prefabricated mantles are mantles that are pre-made by the manufacturer of a fireplace or fireplace insert and are designed to fit and match the fireplace exactly. These mantles usually cost less than custom made mantles since they are made in larger quantities and are not generally made out of higher cost materials. These mantles typically cost between $400 and $1000.

Custom-made mantles are, as their name suggests, made specifically for a particular fireplace or for a particular customer. These mantle are typically made out of high quality wood or stone. Higher end mantles may have intricate carvings or designs on them. Custom made mantles typically cost over $1,000. Mantles from highly sought after designers can cost much more than that.

Mantle Styles

There are many different mantle styles available. In fact, there are as many mantle styles as there are decorating schemes. Mantles can be simple and feature a moe rugged Lodge / Southwestern style. The can also be ornate and have baraoque, Victorian, empire, or colonial type of styles as well. We have even seen some fireplace mantles that are minimilist in design and are made to match more contemporary decorating schemes.

Mantle Installation

The good thing about firepalce mantles is that they are not as complex as installing a fireplace. That said however, they can still take some skill to install properly since the surround the fireplace. Most people, when they purchase a fireplace, elect to have the mantle installed with the fireplace in one single package. Often this package includes the whole fireplace project spans mantles, chimney, hearth, and fireplace.