Designer Fireplaces

Today's fireplaces can do more than provide warmth and light. Artistically designed with clean lines, they can allow you to express yourself artistically. And they can do more than sit along a wall. With a little effort, you can find a fireplace to enhance any room or space.

A free-standing gas fireplace in a sleek European design may provide the ambiance you're looking for. It can fit in with the modern look of many homes. This design has an opening that's taller than it is wide, which gives it a compact footprint, so that it doesn't take a lot of space. But with a parabolic shape, the fire can easily be viewed and enjoyed from just about any angle.

Purchase such a unit as a standalone or with a seamless, one-piece cast stone surround. Subtly alter the look by choosing a different tint for the glass front. Either way will provide a bold, contemporary look to the area.

Consider a smaller fireplace to enhance more intimate spaces such as the master bedroom. A low heat output will enable you to enjoy the fire for extended hours without sending an uncomfortable amount of warmth into the room. You can even find this sort of fireplace with a built in timer. Set the fire to come on before you go to bed and to turn off after you're asleep. Then, before you awaken, the fire can come on again, filling the room with comfort and warmth as you start another day. Modern styling, sleek lines, and a metallic finish can add the modern look that many homeowners desire.

Just because you're cramped for space doesn't mean you need to forego the joy and comfort of a home hearth. With a little effort you can find a compact, shallow fireplace that won't take up a lot of area. Fireplaces designed with space saving in mind can even take on the appearance of a framed painting. They can be mounted on the wall as works of art. With some accent lighting and electric embers, this fireplace can continue to work as a source of cozy light even during the summer months.

To add the illusion of space, your fireplace can have a polished metal back. The flames will be mirrored in the back of the fireplace adding depth to the scene.

On the other hand if you've got the space, why not use it? Bring the fireplace out from the wall entirely and set it in the middle of the room. This can dramatically alter any living area while quadrupling the number of people who can gather around the fire. Visible from any direction for a full 360 degrees, a centrally placed fireplace provides the maximum value for the maximum number of guests.

A central fireplace may be the best way to show off certain flame effects as well. Some fireplaces create a whirling flame that can be displayed on all sides.

Black nickel, brushed nickel, brushed copper, and polished metal are all possibilities along with the more traditional brick look. A well-chosen fireplace is sure to enhance any room in the home.