Corner Fireplaces

If you haven't got a lot of space but still want the cheerful glow of a fire in your home, a corner fireplace may be the answer to your desire.

Corner fireplaces have a remarkably unobtrusive footprint. As their name implies, they sit in the corner, out of the way, rounding out the right angle of the walls. A small unit can be only 19 inches deep at its deepest point and 29 inches wide along the front. A fireplace like that will stay out of the way of foot traffic while providing a lovely ambiance to the room. Even a larger unit won't intrude. A corner fireplace with a 29 inch depth and 42 inch front can still be tucked mostly out of the way.

Corner fireplaces are entirely portable. Just bring them home and set them in the corner. When it comes time to move, take your fireplace with you. Corner fireplaces are designed to be safe standing right next to a wall, so you don't have to worry that you're damaging the paint or wallpaper.

There are two basic types of portable corner fireplaces that can be purchased-electric and gel burning.


An electric corner fireplace plugs into a standard wall unit. It doesn't produce an actual fire. But you'll be surprised at how realistic and cheery the electric logs are. It's not just that they look right. Electric logs can crackle and pop just like the real thing. You'll feel as though you have a real fire going in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.


Gel fireplaces don't even need to be plugged in, but they do need to be fuel. The gel fuel is made from grain alcohol and produces a colorless, odorless, non-toxic burn. The gel burns with 100% efficiency so you're not at risk. The result is a genuine, flickering, dancing fire. You can even add the smell of a wood fire by purchasing incense cones in whatever wood scent you desire. A gel corner fireplace can be used to produce genuine heat in addition to a decorative flame.

Both types of corner fireplace are ventless. They don't need a chimney or any exchange with the outside air. They are lightweight and portable. They can be manually shut off for complete safety.

As a bonus, corner fireplaces may actually add to your useable space rather than subtract from it. The mantle shelf on top can provide an ideal location to put pictures, candles, flowers, crystal, porcelain figurines or whatever else you'd like to display.