Advanced Combustion Fireplace

To help reduce the large problem of emissions that comes from wood stoves and fireplaces, a new technology was created known as advanced combustion. The design of this particular fireplace design is actually being used with new fireplaces. As a result, we see a safer and efficient fireplace, as well as one that can save money and even looks better. The great thing about advanced combustion is that it can be created with a new fireplace or installed in an existing unit.

Second Combustion Process

The way an advanced combustion fireplace works is a second combustion process is used. This creates 100% combustion of the wood, ensuring greater efficiency while reducing incomplete combustion. With this technology, one air source comes from the burning wood. The second air source is from the area above the main fire, which both captures and ignites any incomplete combustion products. The benefit here is that instead of the combustion air going up the chimney, it is contained. Using these two factors, you enjoy an efficient and beautiful fire.


Unlike traditional conventional fireplaces, the one using advanced combustion technology is airtight. In fact, the doors are designed with gaskets, along with ceramic glass windows, meaning infrared heat go out into the house rather than up and out the chimney. When installed, the back goes against an outside will, as well as being designed with an insulated outer casing that also helps with losing heat.

Heat Exchange Properties

Regardless performance, the advanced combustion fireplace offers something exceptional due to improved heat exchange properties. With air from the room, being drawn in through the grill located beneath the fireplace, sending it through a heat exchanger, and pushing back into the room, you enjoy magnificent heat. Depending on the type of advanced combustion fireplace you choose, some have the duct going into the basement and others into an adjacent room.

Keep in mind that with the advanced combustion fireplace, no or little house air is involved meaning wood or other combustible products would not flow inside. The bottom line is that you would enjoy much more safety, something always important with any fireplace. Of course, the energy efficiency issue is also vastly important.

Boosts Efficiency

Experts suggest that going this route can increase the overall energy efficiency by as much as 70%. However, if this type of fireplace were to be installed in an open room, then you would likely enjoy even higher efficiency. Therefore, when on the market for a new fireplace or looking for a way of improving one you already have, the advanced combustion system is an ideal option to consider.