Fireplace Tools Guide

Fireplace tool sets are a almost a necessity for a homeowner with a firepalce. The tool set is used to control the fire and can also be used to do some quick cleaning on the area around the fireplace. Without a fireplace tool set, it can be difficult to adjust burning logs in the fire or to put a log back in when it has fallen out of place. This article will provide a basic introduction to fireplace tool sets and will outline several other tools that may not be included with the set. Let us look first at what may be included in most standard fireplace tool sets.

Standard Tool Sets

Standard tool sets typically come with 5 matching pieces. These pieces are designed to match fireplace decor and their are many styles available. The five pieces that typically come with each set are as follows:

Fire Poker

The fire poker is designed to push logs around and also to poke at longs in case they have difficulty burining. The poker is basically a metal rod with a handle on one end. The other end has a sharp point that is often curved slightly. This point can be dangerous and is not for children to play with. This tool can also withstand heat.

Fire Tongs

Fire tongs are also made of metal. Basically, fire tongs are used to pick up smaller logs, coals, or other burning material that has fallen off of the log holders or outside of the fireplace. Firplace tongs work like other tongs, are easy to use, and can handle the heat.

Long Handled Brush

The long handled brush that comes with the fireplace tool set is typically not fire proof. However, it is useful for quickly sweeping up ash, dirt, or other debris on the hearth near the fireplace. It can also be used to brush off the sides of the fireplace or even parts of the inside of the fireplace. It is used often in conjuction with the dustpan.


The dustpan is designed to pick up and scoop away dirt or debris. It is similiar to a normal dustpan and is not really fire resistant. It is often used in conjunction with the long handled brush.

The Tool Stand

The fireplace tool stand is designed to house the set of tools. These tools sets are designed so that they will all easily fit into the stand or rack. In addition, the stand will match most of the tool set and display the tools in a clean and efficient way.

Other Tools

In adidtion to the standard tool set, there are other tools that may be useful for the fireplace. We have listed a few below.


Fireplace bellows are designed to provide air for a fire when it is being started or to resurrect a dying fire. Bellows are typically made out of wood with some optional metal ornamentation. The have two handles that can be used to suck in air. When the handles are pressed together, the unit blows air out opening on the pointed tip.

Log Holders

Log holders are used to store wood prior to placing it in the fire. Fireplace log holders or racks are typically useful for having wood on hand. In addition, the fireplace log holders are used can be located outside and come in many different sizes.


Andirons are used to brace the grate in the fireplace. Many adirons can also hold the burning logs in the fireplace. Andirons come in many decorative styles, shapes, and sizes. However, they all are made of metal and designed to withstand high temperatures.

Damper Hooks

Damper hooks are a convienent addition to most fireplace. A fireplace damper hook connects to the end of the damper rod. the damper rod is a device used to open the damper. The damper hook allows you to quickly open the damper mechanism to control it. The hooks can dececorated in many styles and can withstand heat and smoke.