Carrying Firewood

When we talk about firewood holders, the first thing we think of is the standard small apparatus that sits at the side of a fireplace. Often, this apparatus is a simple, curved oval with stabilizing feet and a mostly non-functional handle. It can hold two or three logs. Variations on this apparatus can accommodate more logs or incorporate various designs to add to the aesthetics of the piece.

But even when all those are considered, that's just the beginning of what you can get in a firewood holder. Following are some other options.

Canvas and Leather Transporters

Your firewood holder can also be used to get your wood from point A to point B. It's a pain to don the gloves and transport logs one or two at a time. But if you try to grab an armful of wood, you may end up with an armful of splinters. A simple canvas log holder may be the answer. Just lay the canvas flat on the ground and put in a few logs. Grab the two handles and pull up so the canvas wraps around the logs and holds them in place for easy transportation. A canvas log holder can cost under $30.

You can also get a canvas log holder with shoulder straps, allowing you to transport the logs in a sort of backpack.

Or you can get a leaf-end folding stand that opens up to hold the firewood anywhere you want. When you want to move the wood, simply grab the handles and the canvas will collapse around the wood to hold it in place.

Wood Carriers and Transporters

Other firewood holders can hold more logs but may not be as easy to lug around. They don't collapse around the wood, but as long as they've got a canvas or leather bottom, that should provide enough traction to keep the wood in place. These log holders typically have two handles that you can use to pick the whole holder up and transport it for short distances. It's a little awkward, but it works.

Wheeled Transport

If you want to transport many pieces of wood at a time, a wheeled holder and hauler may be right for you. These devices are shaped more or less like a flat, rectangular wheelbarrow. You store your wood in them until you need to move it close to the fire and use as much of it as you need. At that point, you grab the handle, tilt your log holder back on its wheels, and pull the whole thing along with you. Wheeled wood holder/haulers can run anywhere from $100 to $300.

Combo Holders with Tools

Another variation that you might like is a combination firewood holder and fireplace tool set. Typically, these are larger than the average firewood holder. Their sides go up far enough to dangle a complete fireplace tool set from one of the handles. That makes them deep enough to accommodate a fair amount of firewood.