Fatwood - Fire Starters

Fatwood is a quick, natural, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly fire starter. It is a pine wood of about 3/4 inch thickness and 8 inches in length. This wood is "fat" with dense concentrations of quick burning pitch. The organic, natural resin lights immediately, producing an intense, sustained flame that will help to get your wood fire going. Typically, a fire can be started with two or three sticks of Fatwood.

You might suppose that such efficiently burning, high resin wood comes from choice cuts of lumber. But that's not the case. You really don't want a resinous wood for your fire logs since that will produce extra smoke and toxins. So this isn't wood that would be used for other purposes. In fact, Fatwood is made from wood that has already been left behind: it comes from the stumps of pine trees. Those stumps have a lot of resin in them.

After the loggers have done their work and harvested the pine trees, the Fatwood harvesters move in. With saw and axe, they harvest the stumps and turn them into sticks of Fatwood for lighting fires. Fatwood comes from forests that maintain sustainable yield forestry practices, so Fatwood is a renewable resource. It doesn't deplete forest areas.

The Fatwood sticks produce are not further treated in any way. They do not have chemicals or other additives applied to help them burn. The power is all in the resin, and the result is a 100% natural, clean fire starter.

Other sources of kindling have their own risks and toxicity. Liquid flammable fire starters can splash and spread into the wrong places. So can wax paraffiins. Flammable pressboard can break apart and fall through the cracks. Kerosene soaked products can send off volatile vapors. But Fatwood is just a piece of wood that you light. It holds together nicely and burns cleanly.

Often, kindling is made from hardwoods such as hickory and oak. Pieces that were rejected by manufacturers are sold this way. But with hardwood kindling, you're likely to need a lot more of it. This involves finding more storage space. It may make the hardwood kindling look cheaper per pound when in fact it turns out to be more expensive to use. Also, hardwood kindling does not burn as intensely or easily as Fatwood. Often, you need a secondary kindling such as newspaper to get the hardwood kindling going so that it can light the fire. With Fatwood, all you need to do is hold a match to it.

In fact, you don't even need to keep your Fatwood particularly dry. Sticks of Fatwood can get soaked with water and still be set on fire with a single match. That increases the number of places you can store your Fatwood without worrying about it becoming unuseable.

Fatwood fire starters can safely be used for fireplaces, barbecues, campfires, and wood, coal, or pellet fuel stoves.

Because it's easy to start, easy to store, safe, and environmentally friendly, consumer demand for Fatwood has grown over the years.

Where to Buy / Learn More About Fatwood

The fatwood company is obviously the best place to go to get more information about this product. You can visit their web site using the link below.

Fatwood: Fatwood is the maker of a unique fire starting product. To learn more about what it does, browse their web site or view their line of products.