Gas Fireplace Maintenance

With some basic maintenance, you gas fireplace can last for years and years. Here are some ways to maintain the unit.


CAUTION: Always remember to turn off the gas valve before cleaning your fireplace. The lighting instructions will tell you how to light it again afterwards.

You can keep the control compartment and the burner clean simply by brushing and vacuuming them once or twice per year. The logs can be fragile and easily damaged, so use a clean soft paint brush to clean them. When the glass starts looking cloudy, clean it with an approved glass cleaner available at your local home store. Do not use abrasive materials. Remember not to clean the glass while it is hot.

Gold and brass trim should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive materials, chemical cleaners, or anything else that may damage the finish. A small amount of water on the cloth is enough. Be sure to clean off any fingerprints before turning the unit back on.

Vent Maintenance

Inspect the vents at least twice a year to look for signs of damage, wear, or obstruction. Areas that are exposed to the elements should be inspected for streaks, rust spots, and holes. If you see any holes, stop using the fireplace immediately. In any case, replace the affected components as soon as you can.

You should also check for evidence of water forming in the inner liner and/or dripping out of the joints. Condensation can corrode fittings, pipes, and caps. Inspect the joints to make sure everything still fits securely together and that nothing has come loose or unconnected.

Lastly, remove the cap and shine a flashlight down the chimney to check for and remove obstructions such as leaves and birds' nests.

Log and Glass Replacement

Your gas fireplace should never be used with broken logs or broken glass. To replace the logs, turn off the gas valve and make sure the unit is completely cool before carefully removing the logs. Do not try to remove the logs with the pilot light still on. It can burn. Use a replacement log that has been certified to work with your fireplace. Follow the instructions on positioning the log. Incorrect positioning can result in carbon build up and poor performance.

Glass panels also must be certified for use with your particular fireplace model. For both glass and logs, you may wish to have a licensed technician do the replacing.

Professional Inspection

Your gas fireplace should be inspected by a trained professional at least once a year. If any part of the appliance has been underwater, do not use it again until it has been professionally inspected.