Fireplace Guards - Screens and Doors

Fireplace screens and doors can be referred to as fireplace guards. This is because one of the chief purposes of these items is to separate the items in the fireplace (fire, wood, ash, and smoke) from the room that the fireplace is located in. Many times, the best fireplace screens and door are those that serve their function, but still allow the people in the room to view the fire. That is why most fireplace doors are made out of glass and most fireplace screens are made to see through.

Glass Fireplace Doors

The first important thing to remember about fireplace doors is that there are many different types. Even though they may look like they can be used on different fireplaces, some doors are made so that they can only be used with certain fireplace types. This is because many glass doors can be used to perform important venting functions and can provide a seal on air flow. You should always check to make sure that the glass doors or doors that you have in mind will be compatible with the fireplace that you have selected.

There are also glass doors that are designed with different venting options in mind. Try to review how the glass door helps the overall fireplace venting and see if this is how you would like to do it with your fireplace.

Glass doors also have many different stylistic options. First there are many different types of glass that can be used. These range from clear to slightly tinted. Second, the metal or decoration around the glass doors or vents is important too. This metal can be made of a variety of colors or material to match your decor style. This is important since most people will see their glass doors as often as they look at the fire.


Many years ago, screens were relatively uniform in design. However, in the last 20 or 30 years, screen manufacturers have become quite creative in the screen types that they offer. Some of these innovations involve the shape of the screen, the screen opening mechanism, or the screen design. These are important since many people elect to open the door and use only a screen while they are enjoying the fireplace.

Screen Shape

The shape of the screen can be quite important. This can help protect your familiy from sparks or ashes while still provide visual access to the fire. One of the safest screens is the wraparound sreen. This type of screen protects a wider area from ashes and hinders sparks. Other shapes are the flat screen or the arched screen

Screen Folding

The way the screen folds is also important since this controls access to the fire. Some screens fold in several places outward. Others fold upward. Still others do not fold, but open in the same way as the doors. you should choose a safe and comfortable foldinbg and opening mechanism for a fireplace screen.

Screen Decor

Another consideration is the screen decor. Many people want a screen that matches their fireplace doors and also matches the room decor. Today screens can be simply and plain. they can also have intricate artwork featuring foxes, people, or fire. The screen decor should fit the style of the room.