Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens can add an additional (or alternative) layer of protection to your home fireplace. They can also enhance the look of the hearth, either just in the off season, year round, or at least whenever you don't have a fire going.

Fireplace screens range in width from 31 inches to 52 inches and in height from 32 inches 36 inches. Many manufacturers offer custom sizes as well. The screen can either be straight, shielding your living room from the front of the fireplace, or they can wrap around, providing shielding on all sides.


A fireplace screen adds an extra measure of safety when use while you've got a fire going. Like the glass doors, a fireplace screen can keep stray embers and ash from floating out of your fireplace into the living area. The screen will ensure that such material won't get beyond the edge of the hearth. This will keep the rug from catching fire or becoming dingy with ash that has been ground underfoot.

The fireplace screen is so effective at this that some people prefer to use the screen instead of the glass doors. That allows more of the fire's heat to come into the room while establishing a safe perimeter from which to enjoy that heat.

That safe perimeter is the other benefit you get from a fireplace screen that doesn't get provided by the glass doors. If you have small children or pets, it can be hard to teach them not to go near the fire. The glass doors will keep them from actually getting into the fire, but the glass and trim of those doors can become quite hot. You really don't want anyone touching them.

A screen keeps pets from running too close to the fire and hurting themselves. And young children can actually be attracted to a fire and want to come close to inspect it and play with it. The fireplace screen is especially important for them, giving you time to teach them a healthy respect for the dangers as well as the joys of a fire in the fireplace.


But a fireplace screen isn't for safety only. It's a chance to show off the beauty of your home. Even a simple wire mesh screen can have its own understated elegance. Add in some wrought iron or polished brash filigree around the perimeter for even more beauty. The screens can be simply rectangular or composed of 3 or 4 panels of arches.

And that's just the beginning. Some screens can have woodland scenes depicted on them. They can have mountains or deer or trees or just simple or ornate geometric designs. These screens may inhibit your view of the fire, but seeing flickering flames through them may have its own charm. Or you may prefer to keep the screen in front of the fireplace only when the fireplace is not in use. Either way, a fireplace screen can add its own beauty and charm to home and hearth.

Where to Buy A Fireplace Screen

There are many stores out there that offer some fireplace screens. Here we try to bring you some of the places with the widest selection of product, unique models, or an easy shopping experience.

Fireplaces Screens: offers a wide variety of fireplace screens and doors with an easy to use store.

Northline Express - Screens: offers a wide variety of home appliances but carries an extensive collection of fireplace screens.

Woodland Direct - Screens: fireplace retailer offers a variety of screens from panel screens, glass screens, and custom screens.