Fireplace Screens and Doors

Even the simplest fireplace door can add to the beauty of the piece while performing an important function. Opened, the fireplace door allows in air to get the fire going and make sure that it burns hot enough that you aren't at risk for smoke or chimney fire. Once the fire is going, they can be closed part way to control the size of the blaze. Better fireplace doors will have holes along the perimeter that can be opened or closed, allowing you to close the doors fully and micro-manage the air flow.

Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors should close fully and form a tight seal with the perimeter. This accomplishes two things. First, in conjunction with a tightly sealed damper, it cuts off the supply of air when your fire has burned out. This reduces the risk of dull embers glowing back to life. Second, it makes sure that your fireplace isn't a drain on your heating and cooling budget by making that part of your home airtight.

Fireplace doors are generally a simple design. They are glass doors so you can see the fire and are rimmed with gold, brass, bronze, silver, or black trim. They meet in the middle and open accordion style. For an extra effect, the doors can be arched, and the trim can have foliate or flowery designs.

Fireplace Screens

A fireplace screen stands in front of your fireplace to block pieces of ash and sparks that may come out of the fireplace. They also serve as a reminder to stay at a certain distance for your own safety. While they don't provide complete protection, they can certainly be helpful; and they can look stylish as well.

Fireplace screens are generally constructed of sturdy wire mesh that can be styled in various geometric patterns. Generally, the wire should be black since that will entail the least cleaning. The lighter the color, the more cleaning difficulty you can expect.

The simples design is a rectangular, flat screen that sits in front of your fireplace. Even this design should have a couple of doors that can be opened to allow you to reach the fire without removing the screen. A simple wrought iron design over the screen can add to the effect. Wrought iron can also be added to the top of the screen for an ornate look.

A shallow arch beneath the straight top can add its own beauty. The arch doesn't have to stay below a straight top. The top itself can form an arch. Or dispense with the rectangular shape entirely. The entire screen can be in the shape of an arch.

These screens can extend their versatility with a three or even four panel design. With a three panel design, the middle panel is the widest and functions as the main screen. The side panels can be bent back at any angle to provide additional protection and support. With a four panel design, the middle panel can also bend.

Fireplace screens range in width from 31 inches to 52 inches and in height from 32 inches 36 inches. Many manufacturers offer custom sizes as well.