Stone Fireplace

Stone has a beauty all its own. Timeless, beautiful, and rock solid, a stone fireplace can offer a stable grandeur to home and hearth. While a brick and mortar fireplace can add to the look of a room in a cozy way, a stone fireplace can define that room. Whether constructed of marble, granite, or limestone, such a fireplace will immediately draw the eye and convey the impression of stability, nobility, and stateliness.

If you're just building your home, you can consider installing a stone fireplace right at the start. If you have an older fireplace, the brick may be dingy and crumbling. Rather than replace the fireplace brick by brick, it may be time to take the whole thing out at once and bring in a whole new surrounding.

But even if your standard brick fireplace is in good shape, you may feel that now is the time for an upgrade. Stone can change the look of any fireplace in a way that will wow you. Wood, coal, or gas fireplaces take on a whole new feel when surrounded by stone. Stone immediately gives you a sense of stability and quality. It can change the personality of your fireplace and of the whole living area in an instant. Whether simple and flat, or sculpted with ornate designs, stone can provide the look you've been dreaming of.

Stone fireplaces can be constructed from marble, granite, limestone, slate, and travertine. Each one has its advantages and its own distinctive look.

Marble is by far the most popular choice for a stone fireplace. Nothing conveys a sense of refinement and stateliness quite as effectively. Marble can transform any room into something fit for a palace. And with its natural designs and varying colors, marble adds a sense of mystery while providing tons of options. Whether swirling bluish-grey, or mottle pinkish red, one of those options is certain to fit in with your design scheme.

Granite is the hardest stone, harder even than marble. It is easy to care for and can convey a sense of sturdiness, stability, and permanence better than any other stone. It won't give you as many color choices as marble, but it will give you a sense of grandeur or ruggedness.

Limestone can also give you that sense of ruggedness, perhaps even more effectively. Limestone is a porous rock and that can give the fireplace an aged or rustic look. It's as though you hewed the fireplace yourself out of rough rock from the nearby hills.

Slate can provide an even more rustic look, just the thing for a log cabin or prairie appeal. Or get it with a honed finish for a little more refinement. One drawback is slate can be difficult to clean.

Lastly, travertine is a sort of porous limestone that has had the pores filled overtime with calcium carbonate. This can have a rugged, caveman appeal to it.

If all of those options are too expensive, it also possible to get imitation stone that has been molded from the real thing. Neither you nor your guests are likely to be able to tell the difference.