Fireplace Decor Guide

A fireplace is a dominant feature of a room when it comes to decorating. When a person enters a room with a fireplace, the person's eyes are almost always naturally drawn to the fireplace. This article is written to provide some tips on how to get the most out of a fireplace in terms of maximizing its decorative affect. The article will go through each element related to the fireplace and explain its importance to an overall decorating scheme.


A fireplace mantle is one of the most important parts of a decorating scheme that includes a fireplace. The mantle is the area that surrounds the fireplace. There are many different styles and shapes of mantles. Mantels can be made or wood, stone, or another material. A mantle can simply surround the fireplace or a mantle can include a shelf on top. This can be used for other decorative items.

Since the mantle is one of the most visible parts of the fireplace decorating scheme (and also one of the most expensive), it makes sense to choose a mantle style that sets the tone for the room. A stone mantle can set a look of permanence and stregnth, while a wooden mantle and emphasize other features. Whatever mantle style you choose, you will likely need to set the rooms decor around this style.


The style of the fireplace is also very important for the room, but not as importnat as you might first think. The fireplace houses the fire and will get a lot of attention. However the mantle and the doors will be more visible. The choice of the fireplace should typically be made with the mantle and doors in mind. All of these three items should complement eachother.

Fireplaces come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Some have large openings, others are designed to fit in a small area. The fireplace opening and choice of fireplace should match the room and the space that is avilable for it. A fireplace that is too large will overwlehm a room.

Doors / Screens

The main purpose of a fireplace door or screen is to allow access to the fireplace, while protecting the home from ash and fire. However, fireplace screens and doors also serve an important secondary purpose - presentation. The fireplace door and screens, like the mantle, will always be visible. They will also set the look of the fireplace and the room. Doors and screens are durable and usually are made of metal. They should be carefully coordinated with the mantle style and with the style of the fireplace. There are also many ornamental designs that can be used on a door or screen.


A hearth is important. It is what the fireplace rests on and is usually made out of brick and is very sturdy. Most hearths also extend out from the fireplace so they can affect the decorating scheme as well. The hearth should match the fireplaces, the mantle, and the doors. There are still many decorative choices available for the stonework that makes up the hearth.


A fireback is not as important as the other features mentioned above. Firebacks are usually metal and reside at the back of the fireplace. They are specifically designed to protect the back of the fireplace and reflect heat into the home. They can also accentuate the fire and provide an extra decorative touch.

Additional Accents

In additiion to the items mentioned above, additional accents can help with the fireplace and room decorating scheme. Some of these accents include fire pots, tool sets, knick knacks to sit on top of a mantle shelf, bellows, and other items. In the summer a candlabra can be used to decorate the inside of the fireplace. Moreover a decorative fireplace rug can protect you home from ash as well as provide a nice accent.