Fireplace Candelabra

A fireplace candelabrum may add just the touch you're looking for to home and hearth. Fireplace candelabra are specially designed with the fireplace in mind. They can extend the use of your fireplace into the off-season, creating a unique ambiance and adding a romantic glow to your living area.

When spring comes, give your fireplace a last thorough cleaning and take the grate out to the garage. Then you can get out your fireplace candelabrum and set it in the firebox. If you have a gas log in the fireplace, it may take a little more effort to disconnect it, but you only have to do it once at the end of each fire season (and reconnect it once when the season returns). But you can also get special fireplace candelabra that fit candleholders into the fire screen. You won't have to move the gas log at all.

The candelabrum is a simple set of connected candle holders with perhaps 4 to 12 candles depending on the size of the candelabrum and the size of the candles it holds. Light the candles whenever you feel like adding an extra special something to the atmosphere. They won't add noticeably to the warmth of the room on a hot day, but you'll still get the flickering flames and romantic shadows that show off what your fireplace does best.

A fireplace candelabrum can add to more than the look of a room. You can purchase candles with scents. Sandlewood, musk, lemon, or melon will send off a pleasing aroma that can be just the thing to lift your spirits on a rainy day. You can switch out the candles with the seasons as well. As fall rolls around, you can get pumpkin scented candles to bring the smell of the harvest home. On toward Thanksgiving, you can replace those candles with cranberry.

Even in the winter, you don't have to put the grate back in and build a fire. You may find it's just as cozy-looking, better smelling, and less trouble to leave the candelabrum in. Some ginger, pine, or holly candles may add just the scent you want to your holiday party.

A good fireplace candelabrum is usually made of wrought iron. You can get one that accommodates tall, thin candles. This works especially well if the firebox is itself somewhat tall and thin. But most fireplace candelabra are made for the shorter candles, perhaps 2 to 3 inches in height.

And don't be fooled by the term "candelabra." These devices don't have to be ornate and filled with fancy curlicues and filigree. They can be that way, of course, if that's the look you seek. But you can also get a fireplace candelabrum that consists of a simple set of arches, one row of candles slightly in front of a second, slightly higher row of candles. From ornate to simple, from curved to angled, you're sure to find a candelabrum that matches what you have in mind.

Most fireplace candelabra are priced under $100, many under $50. So adding this simple touch of elegance and romance doesn't have to break the bank.