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Fireplaces Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to providing the latest fireplace related information to homeowners. The magazine is designed to be a resource for prospective buyers and also will provide tips for using and maintaining a fireplace once it has been installed.

Fireplaces Magazine archives all of the articles from each edition of the magazine and makes these available at no charge on the web. These resources are well-written, and are designed to provide easy to understand information about a variety of topics. You can reach Fireplaces Magazine at

The topics available on the Fireplaces Magazine web site include the following:

Buyer Guides

Fireplaces Magazine's buyer guides are designed to be a primer on a specific fireplace topic or set of topics. Often, buyer guides will help define industry terms, go through things to think about in the purchase process, and talk about important features. Buyer guides typically include a few pitfalls to avoid during the decision making process.


While most types of fireplace installation are best left to the pros, this is still an important topic for most prospective fireplace owners. Some people do choose to do installation themselves. Even if you decide to have a pro handle it, there are still many things that you should know about before embarking on this project. This section will help you cover your bases.

Fireplace Types

There are many different types of firepalces out there. This section will cover these fireplaces types and will also discuss some of the most popular. Fireplace types can range from gas, electric, and wood burning. These come in many shapes, styles, and sizes.

Safety and Cleaning

Fireplace safety is an important part of owning a fireplace. Many fireplace safety items involve keeping the fireplace clean. This section provides a number of tips on operating your fireplace safely. Also, there are many ways that you can save time cleaning the fireplace.

Decorating and Styles

A fireplace can be an important decorative feature in a room or home. Each fireplace can add a distinctive style or touch. This section will provide some tips for how to use your fireplace to create an excellent affect on visitors. In addition, this area will cover items like mantles, materials, and other styles.