What to Know About Chimneys

For most homeowners with a fireplace, the chimney is quite important. For wood burning fireplaces, the chimney is part of the fireplace where venting occurs. When wood is burned, the ash, smoke and invisible gases are transported out of the fireplace and up the chimney. Consequently, when there is a problem with the chimney, the fireplace will not work and may even be hazardous or dangerous. This article will attempt to explain some things that may be especially helpful to homeowners.

Chimney Pots

A Chimney pot is a type of chimney top. This means that it goes on the top of the chimney. Not everyone needs a chimney pot, but for most homeowners, they can be very helpful. The purpose of the chimney pot is to increase the legnth of the chimney to increase the draft. This ensures that the smoke will always rise up and out of the fireplace, rather than remain inside of the home. In addition, for chimneys that are lower to the ground, they can also protect against hot ash starting a fire outside.

Chimney pots can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. When you pick one out, be sure to select one that will fit your chimney and is the right legnth. Most chimney pot retailers will be able to help.

Chimney Caps

One problem that many homeowners face when dealing with their chimneys is blockage or obstruction. A blocked chimney opening will prevent smoke from leaving your home and will send it back through the house. Several of the main causes of blockage are nesting birds. Both birds, squirrels, and other animals can build nests or even crawl down into the chimney. This can result in obstruction.

Chimney caps protect you chimney from birds and animals. They sit on top of the chinmey pot or on top of the chimney directly. They are typically not very expensive and are made of metal. They are also designed to withstand heat and elements. They also come in many different shapes and styles.


It does pay to clean your chimney periodically. This helps to prevent smoke buildup along with creosote, a dangerous byproduct of burning wood that may accumulate in your chimney over time. Cleaning helps to keep your chimney working properly and helps to avoid chimney decay. Many people elect to have a professional clean their chimneys to make sure it is done properly.

Chimney Inspection

It is also a good idea to have a chimney inspection periodically. Some groups recommend once per year. An inspection can detect possible chimney odors, venting problems, blockage, and creosote build up before it becomes a problem. An inspection can also be helpful if you have one of these problems since it will typically tell you how severe the problem is.