Vermont Castings

By Charles Wheat - August 2008 Issue

The Vermont Castings brand is a very well-recognized brand of fireplaces. The brand is owned by CFM corporation, a company based in Ontario, Canada that has been creating fireplaces and hearth products for more than 50 years. The company is one of the larger fireplace manufacturers and also owns the following additional brands: Majestic, Temco, Dutch West, Century Hearth, and The Great Outdoors. This section will focus on the Vermont Castings brand.

The Brand

While the oldest CFM brand is Majestic, Vermont Castings is perhaps one of the most widely recognized. While Majestic is marketed for builders in the new home construction market, Vermont Castings takes the more traditional route of marketing to the consumer. CFM boasts that the are the only North American manufacturer that has the foundry and the enameling processes housed in a single location. This tightly integrated assembly process is one of the company's strengths.

Extensive Product Line

The Vermont Castings brand features a pretty large selection of hearth products. The brand contains natural vent, direct vent, and vent free gas fireplaces. It also includes both electric and wood fireplaces as well. The brand also encompasses a range of stoves that include several fuel types: gas, wood, coal, and electric. The brand also offers fireplace inserts, mantles, cabinets and gas logs.

Distribution Network

CFM does have an extensive networks of distributors, retailers, and professionals in North America. North America is the company's main target market. The company relies on its dealers and professionals to do the installations. In addition, the company does seem to have some processes in place to sell its products through dealers and to provide installation services.

Warranty Support

Since the company offers and extensive product line, the warranty will often vary depending on the type of product purchased. However the general terms of the warranty cover the following three main areas:

Basic / Overall Warranty

In their warranty as of the date of this article, the company warrants that their fireplace products are free from material manufacturing defects for up to one year. This is the basic warranty and requires that a qualified contractor have performed the installation according to standards. Most components are also warranted for up to one year.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Additionally, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty of some of the key parts. These parts are the parts that if they break, you would almost want to purchase a new fireplace since they may be costly to repair. The walls of the combustion chamber are warranted against perforation. In addition, the Ceramic Burner is warranted for the ceramic burner plaque.

3 Year Warranty

Any cast iron portion of the fireplace or stove is warranted for up to three years. These pieces do not degrade or do not often break anyway.

Contact Information

Vermont Castings: Web site has product info on gas, electric, and wood firepalces and stoves along with warranty and dealer information. CFM Corporation, 2695 Meadowvale Boulevard Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5N 8A3 Tel: 905-858-8010