Symphony Fireplaces

By Charles Wheat - September 2008 Issue

Symphony is a brand owned by the Glen Dimplex Group of Dublin Ireland. The company's North American subsidiary is based in Ontario, Canada and owns several brands of fireplace products. These include Dimplex (trademarked), Dimplex (trademarked) and Electraflame(trademarked), and OptiFlame (trademarked). Dimplex's operations are extensive and the company is a global leader in the heating market.

The Brand

Symphony fireplaces and hearth products are designed to appeal to the consumer market. Like all Dimplex brands, Symphony is focused on electric products and producing a realistic set of flames based on electricity. The brand is stylish and features many fireplaces with earth tones that are designed to match decor of most North American homes.


Dimplex has many quality citations and hold a lot of patents for innovation. The company's wood burning look technology that makes the flame that burns in an electric fireplace look more comparable to wood burning flames. The company has a lot of processes in place to guard the quality of its products.

Product Line

The symphony product line contains a lot of electric fireplace models and styles. It also includes some electric stoves along with specialty fireplaces that are either compact or wall-mounted. The company also offers media consoles as well. In addition, there is also an outdoor fireplace and an outdoor stove to round out the product line. The sections below provide a listing of these products and the models.

Electric Fireplaces

  • Brockton - BROCKTON-BW
  • Bianca - SMP-125-B-ST
  • Kenton - SMP-130-E-ST
  • Weston - SMP-145-N-ST
  • Henley - SMP-150-W-ST
  • Devon Bookcase - SMP-BK170-O-ST
  • Archer - SMP-175-PE-ST
  • Oxford Corner - SMP-195C-O-ST
  • Coventry - SOP-235-W
  • Stratford - SOP-261-O
  • Stratford Corner - SOP-261C-O
  • Heritage Leaf - SOP-270-O
  • Sussex - SOP-272-W
  • Laguna - SOP-285-GB
  • Chilton - SOP-295-E
  • Notting Hill - SOP-380-C
  • Carlyle - SOP-475-BW
  • Bromley - SOP-495-AL
  • Draped Alabaster - SEP-AL-4201-FB
  • Neo-Classic - SEP-PE-4203-FB
  • Hampton - SEP-O-4500-FB
  • Torchiere - SEP-BW-4217-FB
  • Classic French - SEP-BO-4219-FB
  • Denbury - SEP-BW-4225-FB

Specialty Fireplaces

  • Chelsea - Free Standing Corner Fireplace - DCF7850W
  • Contempra - KDS6401E
  • Milano - EDS7001F
  • Sahara Plasma Fireplace - EWF-SS
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Fireplace with Chimney - EWM-SS
  • Copper Wall Mount Fireplace - EWM-COPPER
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Fireplace with Black Hood - EWM-SS-BLK

Electric Stoves

  • Celeste - TDS8515TB
  • Deluxe Stove - DS7420
  • Traditional Stove - DS5603
  • Compact Stove - CS3311

Outdoor Products

  • Rockport Outdoor Electric Fireplace - EMP-OSMR-26
  • Rocklin Outdoor Electric Fireplace - EMP-OSTN-26
  • Scottsdale Outdoor Electric Fireplace - EMP-OSTN-36
  • Spectra Outdoor Electric Stove - EOSM-2007
  • The Deck Companion Outdoor Electric Stove - EOS-2006

Dealer Network

The dealer network for the Symphony brand is extensive. These products are carried in large big box retailers like Lowes. Also many specialty fireplace companies carry these products and they are also available from authorized online retailers. The support network for the company is extensive because of the breadth of penetration in the fireplace market.

Contact Information

Symphony: Web contains company overview, products, locations, along with dealer information. Contact: Dimplex North America Ltd., 1367 Industrial Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 7G8, Canada Tel: 1-800-668-6663