Real Flame

By Charles Wheat - September 2008 Issue

Real Flame is a brand owned by Jensen Metal Products of Racine, Wisconsin. At the heart of the brand is a product that is an innovative gel fuel with the name Real Flame. This fuel is sold in cans and is designed to be an alcohol based fuel for gel fireplaces. The fuel has a clean burn and meets OASHA and EPA standards. The Real Flame brand has been around for over 20 years and has developed a loyal niche in the fireplace market. Jensen has been selling fireplaces for 25 years and offers a 15 day satisfaction guarentee on many products.

Product Line

One of the main products is the Rel Flame gel fuel. This is sold in cans and the company estimates that the cost of burning the gel comes out to be $1.05 per hour (One can costs about $3.00 and burns for just under 3 hours). This is a relatively cost efficient fuel source that is better for the environment. Real Flame also has a line of indoor fireplaces that come in a variety of styles and shapes - all run on gel. In addition, the company also makes several outdoor fireplaces, fire pit, and fire bowls. The company also has gel logs to convert an existing fireplaces. It also has fire stones for use in an outdoor fireplace or for decorative purposes. Real Flame also has several accessories for fireplaces as well.

Strengths / Weaknesses

The strength of gel fireplaces is it is easy to burn and relatively easy to set up. The one problem, however, is that once you purchase a gel fireplace, you need to constantly replenish the fuel supply. Usually a case of 24 cans of gel fuel will sell for around $80. This is a pretty high cost for a fireplace fuel and can be a pain to purchase over and over again. The clean burn is also a strength, but some people may not like the alcohol smell and may not want to use this type of gel for that reason.


For all Real Flame products, there is a 90 limited warranty. This limited warranty covers all parts and workmanship on the fireplace and states that it will be free from manufacturing defects for that period under normal use conditions. The company also offers a 15 day satisfaction guarantee on its fireplace products. Within the 15 days, the customer can return it for any reason. However returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and the customer will need to pay for shipping back to the manufacturer.

Contact Information

Real Flame: Web contains gel overview, contact information, and product specifications. Contact: Real Flame, Jensen Metal Products, Inc., 7800 Northwestern Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin 53406 Tel: 1-800-654-1704