By Charles Wheat - September 2008 Issue

Quadra-Fire is one of the main brands, along with Heat and Glo, Heatilator, and Fireside, from Hearth and Home Technologies. The name of the brand derives from the unique design of the brand's stoves and fireplaces. It comes from "quad," which means four. This refers to four areas of the fireplace that burn smoke in a Quadra-Fire system order to maximize efficiency and fuel economy. This innovative system is at the heart of the Quadra-Fire brand. The brand includes stoves, fireplaces, inserts, accessories, and parts.


Quada-Fire stoves began in 1985. At that time, the EPA implemented stringent new Clean-Air Act requirements in a drive to cut emissions and the release of harmful gases into the air. The requirements made creating a wood burning stove quite difficult at that time. Alan Trusler and Dan Henry then developed a novel system that burned and reburned gases and smoke in 4 different parts of the fireplace to product an efficient burn. This non catalytic stove does not degrade in performance over time and became quite popular.

Product Line

Today, Quadra-Fire sells stoves with this patented design that run on gas, wood, pellets, and corn fuel types. In addition, the fireplaces under this brand run on gas and wood. The brand also features a line of fireplace inserts that run on the same 4 fuel types as the stoves. There are also mantles and fireplace accessories that are offered under the brand as well. In addition, the company also markets a uniquely designed outdoor fireplace.

Dealer Network

Since Quadra-Fire is a brand from a larger company that has been selling manufactured fireplaces since the turn of the century, the company has a large and diverse dealer network. This means that the company's products are found in many retailers and stores and are also well used throughout the country.


Hearth and Home Technology offers a limited warranty on its products. Generally the warranties cover parts and labor, but the length of the warranty varies by the different types of parts of components that are covered. For most wood burning products, the warranty extends 1 to 7 years for parts. It covers 1 to 3 years for labor. Gas products are similiar, with the exception of several key gas components. These gas parts like the burners, logs, refractory, firebox, and heat exchanger have limited warranties ranging from 10 years to life. There are many exclusions that apply as well.

Contact Information

Quadra-Fire: Web contains product details, history, warranty, and dealer information. Contact: Quadra-Fire, Hearth and Home Technologies, 1445 North Highway, Colville, WA 99114-2008 Tel: 800-926-4356