Optiflame Fireplaces

By Charles Wheat - October 2008 Issue

Optiflame is a brand owned by the Glenn Dimplex group based in Ireland. The company is a large player in the fireplace and home heating markets and has brands like Dimplex, Symphony and Electraflame aimed at the consumer market. The Optiflame brand is set up to sell fireplaces to home builders in the construction market. For this reason, the Optiflame products are slightly different.

Builder Benefits

The Optiflame brand is touted as a better, and more cost effective alternative to gas for builders. The company pushed the brand by promoting the following benefits:

Increased Profits

The company states that its product bring builders more profits by making installation easier, decreasing the time to get the unit ready for sale, and for providing an attractive amenity.

Less Trouble / Expense

Unlike gas fireplaces, Optiflame's electric fireplaces do not require special gas permits to install since there is no gas and no venting requirements. This lowers costs and decreases overall installation time.

Lower Liability

With no gas or extensive venting, there are fewer dangerous posed for homeowners and consequently less liability exposure for the builder. There is also a much lower risk of mold as well.

More Versatile

Optiflame products are designed to be more versatile. They can be installed in a fireplace, mounted on a wall, or placed in another part of the living room. Since there is no venting, this increases the places where the unit can be placed during construction.

Product Line

The company offers a diverse, yet easy to use product line for builders. This product line is broken down into several areas: built-in fireplaces, plug-in fireplaces / inserts, and wall mounted units. The following sections outline these products:

Built-in Fireplaces

  • Built-In - BF33STP
  • Built-In 33" Standard Firebox with Purifire
  • Built-In - BF33DXP
  • Built-In 33" Deluxe Firebox with Purifire
  • Built-In - BF39STP
  • Built-In 39" Standard Firebox with Purifire
  • Built-In - BF39DXP
  • Built-In 39" Deluxe Firebox with Purifire
  • Built-In - BF45DX
  • Built-In 45" Deluxe Firebox
  • Built-In - BF392SD
  • Built-In 39" 2-sided Firebox
  • Built-In - BF45ST
  • Built-In 45" Standard Firebox
  • Built-In - BF45DXP
  • Built-In 45" Deluxe Firebox with Purifire

Plug-in / Inserts

  • Fireplace Insert - DFI2309
  • Plug-in/Direct Wire Firebox
  • Plug-In - DF2608
  • 26" Plug-In Firebox
  • Plug-In - DF3033ST
  • Plug-In - DF3003
  • 30" Plug-In Firebox

Wall-Mounted Fireplaces

  • Wall Mount - EWM-COPPER
  • Copper Wall Mount Fireplace with Black Hood
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Fireplace - EWMC-CC-SS
  • Wall Mount - EWM-SS
  • Cream Corner Wall Mount Fireplace
  • Black Corner Wall Mount Fireplace
  • Wall Mount - EWF-SS
  • Sahara Wall Mount Fireplace
  • Wall Mount - V1525BT
  • Recessed/Wall Mount Fireplace
  • Wall Mount - V1525RT
  • Recessed/Wall Mount Fireplace
  • Wall Mount - VCX1525
  • Convex Recessed / Wall Mount Fireplace

Contact Information

Optiflame: Web contains company overview, products, locations, amd builder benefits. Contact: Dimplex / Optiflame, 1367 Industrial Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 7G8, Canada Tel: 1-800-668-6663