By Charles Wheat - August 2008 Issue

Heatilator is a one, if not the most, widely recognized brands in the industry. The company that owns the Heatilator brand, is Hearth and Home Technologies (itself a division of HNI Corporation. The Heatilator brand is perhaps one of the oldest fireplace brands - the first HEATILATOR fireplace was produced in 1927. It was quite popular and was called a the first factory-built, "air-circulating" fireplace. When the product was rolled out, it quickly was a success and enjoyed widespread adoption. Since it was factory produced, the cost for the fireplace was significantly less and the production process was standardized to ensure quality.

Brand Stregnths

Today the Heatilator brand and product line is a favorite with builders. Many of the opt builders in the US make use of Heatilator products in their new home constructions. In addition, the company has won numerous quality awards including the coveted Vesta Award for several of its products. The company holds over 25 patents and is known for innovation within the hearth industry.

Product Line

The Heatilator product line include gas, electric, and wood fireplaces. The brand also includes fireplace inserts and gas logs. Heatilator also features a line of firepalces accessories that include: termination caps, fan kits, fireplace controls, refractories, heat management systems, doors, fronts and trim kits. The company also offers wood and cast mantles and surrounds.


In terms of decor style, many of the Heatilator products are contemporary and are designed to fit in nicely with most modern constructions. This is one reason that Heatilator products are so popular with builders. Together with mantles and many different size fireplaces, Heatilator brand products can be installed in many different types of homes and still look sharp.


Heatilator does have a reputation for quality and innovation. The company boasts that Heatilator gas and electric fireplace products have one of the "lowest service call rates in the industry." In addition, the company's accessories and other products are designed to work together with fireplace products to form a complete system. The company has a wide distribution network that includes many builders, retailers, and professionals.


The company does offer good warranties on Heatilator products. to obtain warranty information, you should consult the warranty for a specific product. However, the following information can serve as a general guide:

  • Gas Fireplaces: limited lifetime warranty.
  • Wood Fireplaces: 20-year buyer protection.
  • Electric Fireplaces: one year warranty.

Contact Information

Heatilator: Web site has product info on gas, electric, and wood fireplaces, mantles, and accessories. Also contains warranty and dealer information. Contact: Heatilator, 1915 W. Saunders Street, Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641 Tel: 905-858-8010