Ecosmart Fire

By Charles Wheat - September 2008 Issue

The Ecosmart Fire brand is a owned by The Fire Company Pty Ltd, an Australian based company. The company offers fireplace products based on the core Ecosmart burner. Unlike many traditional fireplace products, the Ecosmart burner does not require venting and also does not require a large area. It almost seems like a torch, but can be placed in many areas like a fireplace, in furniture, in flooring or around a pool. The product runs on Denatured Ethanol and offers a very clean burn.


There are a number of benefits to using Ecosmart's products. First, there is no flue and the product doesn't require a venting connection. Second, the flame is easily regulated so that it can be turned on and off quite easily. Third, it is fueled by denatured ethanol and is relatively fuel efficient. Finally, the design is quite minimalistic and can be used in a small space to decorate more contemporary and modern buildings and structures.

Product Line

One thing to remember about Ecosmart products is that all of the company's products are built upon the company's core burner technology. With this in mind, the company markets this technology in several products. The company offers a basic burner kit that can be installed anywhere. Ecosmart also offers freestanding furniture that use the burner kit to display the fire or flame. The company also offers zero-clearance fireboxes with this technology as well. With the company's grate range, Ecosmart also offers fireplace inserts that can be placed into an existing fireplace.


Unlike many hearth product, Ecosmart places a large emphasis on its designers and on the green nature of the products. There are three main people that helped design Ecosmart products. They are Marc Philipp Veenendaal, Paul Cohen, and Joseph Licciardi. Each of these designers has significant product design experience. This is important to the way that the company markets since they are trying to transform the conception of what a fireplace is and how it can be used in the overall room design.


The company does not have "dealers" in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, the company markets its products in the US through galleries or high end specialty retailers. Most of these retailers are located in urban areas since that is the target market for these burners and fireplaces

Contact Information

EcoSmart: Web contains company overview, technology, designs, and where to buy. Contact: EcoSmart Inc., 1928 Cotner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025 Tel: 310-914-333