Continental Fireplaces

Continental is a brand owned by Wolf Steel, a Canadian company based in Ontario. Wolf also owns the Napoleon brand as well. Wolf is a relatively large maker of fireplaces - the company employees over 400 people with operations in the US and Canada. Under the Continental brand, the company offers a lot of gas burning fireplaces and stoves, a couple of wood burning stoves and fireplaces, and an electric product.


Wolf Steel pays attention to quality in its Continental products. Wolf touts the following advantages of its products in terms of quality. First, The company has an ISO9001-2000 certification for its processes and products. Second, the company offers patented Flammation technology that adjusts the heat and intensity of the flame to match the burn of wood. Third, the company's products are subject to CGA or ANSI standard in the US and Canada. The company offers YELLOW DANCING FLAME burners to offer reliable heating and burning. The company has a SAFEGUARD shut-off system to make shutdown safer.

Product Line

Wolf offers a large range of product under the Continental brand. These products include gas fireplaces, inserts, stoves, and log sets. For the gas fireplaces, the company offers direct vent, natural vent, and vent-free products. There are also electric fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and wood burning fireplaces. There are also accessories available. The next sections list the product lines.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

  • BCDV33NR-34"
  • BCDV33NR
  • BCDV34NT-34"
  • CDV33NR-34"
  • CDV34NT-34"
  • BCDV36NTR-36"
  • CDV36NTR-36"
  • BC36DF-36"
  • BCDV36CF-36"
  • BCDV36CFG cleanface
  • BCDV40N-36"
  • BCDV42CF-42"
  • BCDV42N-D-42"
  • BCDV48-48"
  • CDV70-38"
  • Gas Log Sets

Direct Vent Gas Inserts

  • CDIZC-36"
  • CDI30-30"

Gas Stoves - Direct Vent

  • CDVS280
  • CDVS500
  • CDVS500
  • CDVS600

Natural Vent Gas Products

  • BCNV36N-36"
  • BCNV40N-36"
  • BCNV40
  • BCNV42N-42"
  • CBI360-30"
  • CBI360
  • CDVS600
  • CDVS600
  • CDVS280
  • CDVS500

Other Products

  • C1100PL Wood Burning Stove
  • C1400PL Wood Burning Stove
  • CI1101 Wood Burning Fireplace Insert
  • EF30 Electric Fireplace
  • EF31 - Casaloma Electric Fireplace


Continental products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers key parts and components from material defect, not ordinary wear and tear. Some of the components combustion chamber, heat exchanger, stainless steel burner, phazer (trademarked) logs and embers, ceramic glass (thermal breakage only), gold plated parts against tarnishing, porcelainized enamelled components and aluminium extrusion trims

Contact Information

Continental: Web contains company overview, products, warranty info, and fireplace information. Contact: Wolf Steel Ltd., 24 Napoleon Rd., Barrie, Ontario, Canada, L4M 4Y8 Tel: 705-721-1212