Central Fireplace

The Central Fireplace brand is owned by Central Boiler, a company based in Greenbush, Minnesota. The company started operations in 1984 and began to make furnaces. Recently, the company introduced a line of fireplaces and fireplace inserts under the Cental Fireplaces brand. The company has a manufacturing facility in Minnesota and sells its products throughout the Us and Canada.

Product Line

The company offers a wood burning furnace that is designed to be installed away from home. In addition to its furnace and boiler products, Central makes a line of gas fireplaces, fireplaces, inserts, and freestanding stoves. These products are all direct vent products. The company also has several mantle that can match its fireplaces. The product line is not extensive, but it does cover the gas fuel type well.

Dealer Network

As a relatively new company in the fireplace space, Central's dealer network is not extensive. The company has some dealers in the US major cities, but coverage is sporadic. Since the company's product are direct vent, they can not be installed by a non-professional. They also should be installed by an authorized dealer or Central Fireplaces.


In 2003, the company won an award for its innovation from AHR trade show. Central does have some key innovations. These innovations, extend from a system to vent in any direction, a very safe gas valve, and remote controls for fireplaces with childproof features.


Central Fireplace: Web contains company overview, contact information, and product specifications. Contact: Central Fireplace, 20502 160th Street, Greenbush, MN 56726 Tel: 1-800-248-4681