Arctic Outdoor Fireplaces

Arctic Products is the owner of the Arctic brand. The company was started in 1996 and is a relatively new player in the hearth industry. In fact, the company markets itself and its products as items to make "the backyard more enjoyable." In terms of fireplaces, the company has several portable outdoor fireplaces for camping along with chimeneas and fire pits. Unlike other manufacturers, the company's products are focused on outdoor use.

Product Lines

Since the Arctic makes products designed for use in people's backyards, the company offers a range of complementary products for this area. These include chimeneas, fire pits, gas grills, fire pits, accessories, and tools. The company also makes a unique device for clearing mosquitoes from a yard called the Arctic Mosquito Killing System. The product sections below include products that are related to the hearth industry only.

Portable Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Bon Fire (wood)
  • Lil' Bon Fire (wood)
  • Patio Hearth (wood)
  • Stainless Steel Patio Hearth (wood)
  • Patio Hearth Pro (wood)
  • Lil' Camper (wood)
  • Bon Flame (gas)
  • Lil' Bon Flame (gas)
  • Chinook 150 (wood)
  • Chinook 250 (wood)

Fire Pits

  • Fire Ring
  • Arctic Patio Pit


  • Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea
  • Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Designer Style
  • Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Surround Style
  • Arctic Cast Iron Chimenea Leaf Style
  • Cast Iron Pagoda

Dealer Network

Since all of the company's products can be shipped relatively easily, are stand alone units, and do not require extensive installation, the quality of the Arctic's dealer network is not as important as for other fireplace manufacturers. The dealer network for Arctic is important for distribution purposes. The company has dealers in most large states where it is practical to have outdoor fireplaces. Some smaller, less populous states do not have a dealer. In addition, there are many online retailers that carry the company's products. This fills in for the gaps in the dealer network and makes it easy to purchase the company's products.

Contact Information

Arctic Products: Web contains company overview, products, and dealer information. Contact: ARCTIC, P.O. Box 104293, Jefferson City, MO 65110-4293 Tel: 800-325-8157