Archguard Fireplaces

By Charles Wheat - September 2008 Issue

The Archguard brand is owned by Archguard industries, a company based in British Columbia, Canada. The company makes both gas and wood fireplace products as well as pellet stoves. Archguard has production facilities in North America where the company's products are manufactured. The company is currently a growing business in hearth industry.


Archguard was founded by its president, Peter Efremjan. In the 1980's and early 1990's the company made fireplace accessories like glass doors. However, in 1993, the company began to focus on gas fireplace products as gas became increasingly popular. The company then went on to develop a good line of gas fireplaces and inserts that became popular.

Product Line

Gas fireplace products are the products that compose the main Archguard product line. These product include freestanding gas fireplaces, zero-clearance gas fireplaces, and gas fireplaces inserts. The company also makes wood stoves and pellet stoves. The Archguard product line is listed in more detail in the section below.

Gas Freestanding Fireplaces

  • Optima 45 / OF-45: this is the main Archguard freestanding stove designed to save space.

Gas Zero Clearance

  • Northfire 42 / DVT-42
  • DV-520
  • Optima 70 / ODV-70
  • Optima 72 / ODV-72
  • Optima 3600 / ODV-3600
  • Northfire 3400 / DV-3400

Gas Inserts

  • Optima 22 / ODVI-22
  • Optima 34 / ODVI-34
  • Euro 25 / EI-25
  • Optima 40 / ODVI-40
  • Optima 32 / ODVI-32

Wood Stoves

  • Chalet 1800 Freestanding
  • Chalet 1800 Insert

Pellet Stoves

  • Optima PS1


Archguard has several strengths. First, the company's gas fireplaces have a unique burn that is designed to provide relaxation. Second, the company's gas logs are designed to be quite realistic. Third, the company's natural gas products can be converted to propane with a propane conversion kit. Fourth, the company has advanced remote controls and unique fireplace finishes and accessories for its products.


The company's warranties vary slightly depending on the product. Archguard offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers the following parts for gas products: combustion chamber, thermal damage (ceramic glass breakage), burner pans and burner tubes, log sets (including embers and brick panels) and all gold trim. The warranty will be different for the stoves.

Dealer Network

Archguard's dealer network is not bad. In the United States, the company will have a dealer or two located in most big cities. However, in states or locations that are more sparsely populated, there may be a gap in coverage (ex: there were no dealers in Nebraska. However, the company works closely with installers and has products that are designed for quick installation.

Contact Information

Archguard Fireplace Products: Web contains company information, product line, warranty, dealer info, and fireplace specifications. Contact: Archgard Industries Ltd, 7116 Beatty Drive, Mission, British Columbia Canada, V2V 6B4 Tel: 604-820-8262