Fireplace Brands

This section of our online magazine is intended to provide prospective buyers of fireplaces with an overview of many of the different fireplace brands available. The list that we have provided here is by no means and exhaustive list. However, we intend to provide information that will be helpful. When we refer to brands, we a referring to the overall name given to a group of products to enhance recognition in the mind of a consumer. Sometimes a manufacturer, a maker or importer of fireplaces, will have multiple brands and many products under each brand. Since brands are a common way of referring to fireplaces in the hearth industry, we have organized our product guides accordingly.

While we intend to focus on brands, we will also focus on manufacturers as well. These manufacturers will be alluded to directly since most of the time, you can not contact a brand, but will contact the company that makes the brand. For each of the major brands we will focus on several areas. These areas a outlined in the sections below.


Our guides to brands and manufacturers will spend some time discussing the history of various fireplace brands and manufacturers. If a brand is part of a large manufacturer, we will explain it here. We will also explain how the manufacturer got started and how the brand or manufacturer has grown since the inception. In this way, prospective buyers can understand the background of a manufacturer and know whether they are new or whether the manufacturer has many years of experience in the fireplaces industry.


Our fireplace manufacturer guides will also try to explain some of the strengths of each particular brand. This will generally include what the brand does well. We will seek to evaluate this in terms of function, decor, scope, and other variables. In this way, consumer can understand the strong points of each manufacturer or brand.


Along with strengths, the weaknesses of each brand will also be noted. some brands are very strong in decor, but may lack essential wood-burning features. Other brands feature contemporary styles, but do not include models with an older look. We will explain these weaknesses here and provide any product failure details if they are available.

Fireplace Product Line

We also plan to provide a brief overview of the product line that falls under a brand's umbrella. This will include basic descriptions of some of the most important products, lists of features when they are available, and a description of the extent of the product line.

Pricing / Cost

Where applicable, we will discuss some pricing ranges. Often though this will be in relative terms like expensive, affordable, or moderately priced. We will not usually list specific prices, sine these are usually listed by the dealers that carry the products and are not listed on the manufacturer's sites.

Product Quality / Warranty Support

Another area that is of great concern to fireplace buyers is the area of quality and warranty support. There are some companies that have earned a reputation for quality and excellence. When available, we will provide this information. In addition, some companies also have an extensive dealer network and have products that are supported by a large number of professionals world-wide. We will also describe the size of the company's dealer network and try to outline any unique warranty information.

Contact Information

We will also provide detailed contact information for all of the brands and fireplace manufacturers that we describe here. This contact information is particularly helpful for viewing a manufacturer's web site and finding a dealer or a way to view that company's product line in additional detail. We will seek to provide the company name, the web site, the telephone number, and mailing address for each company.

Brands Featured

Here is a list of some of the fireplace brands that we have featured in this section:

  • American Hearth
  • Archguard
  • Arctic
  • Central Fireplace
  • Continental
  • Dimplex
  • Excalibur
  • Fuego
  • Heatilator
  • Isokern
  • Kingsman
  • Lennox
  • Majestic
  • Malm
  • Mendota
  • Montigo
  • Napoleon
  • Optiflame
  • Quadra-Fire
  • Real Flame
  • Regency
  • Symphony
  • Valor
  • Vermont Castings