• Tool Sets
  • Fireplace tool sets are almost essential. They are used to care for the fire and the typicaly tool set is composed of five basic elements.
  • Mantle Types
  • There are two basic types of mantles: the prefab mantle and the custom made mantle.

Nothing provides a room with a distinctive look and feel like a fireplace. Fireplaces have long been prized in homes as a romantic element, the perfect accent piece. People have long been captivated by the crackling embers of a fire in a fireplace on a cold night. In addition, to their romantic appeal, these room fixtures also posses a long history. Long ago, people used fireplaces to heat their homes, provide light, and even to cook food. Today fireplaces are still important.

  • Firepits

    Fire pits are a great way to enjoy being outside. Firepits are circular items that can be used to enclose a fire. Simple fire pits are a hole in the ground. More complicated ones come with brick, have mountings, or even run on gas. Fire pits can be a good option because they provide a campfire-like atmosphere in which people can sit back relax, talk, sing, or just enjoy the fire.
  • Chimney Inspections

    Are you concerned about your chimney? If chinmeas are not cleaned out properly, dangerous material can build up inside of them. One way to know whether or not you have a problem is to have a chimney inspection. There are three different levels of inspections; with each one more detailed than the one before. Most chimneys only need a Level 1 inspection.
  • Wood Pellet Fuel

    Wood pellets can be an excellent alternative to traditional wood or other fuels. Pellet fuels typically have a much lower moisture content than other fuels, burn hotter, and burn much more efficiently. Wood pellets burn in a very small space and the fire is easy to control. This type of fire fuel is also quite cost effective. Most Wood pellets burn a lot cleaner than other type of fire fuels.

Fireplace Grates

Fireplace grates are the items that hold up the wood in your fireplace while it is burning. Although many people do not pay a lot of attention to the grates, it is important that the grates are sturdy, durable, and resist wear. Another important thing to think about when selecting a firewood grate is the size. This will depend on your fireplace and the size of fire that you would like to create. Fire grates are almost always made out of steel or cast iron and will receive a lot of heat, collisions, and wood.

Gas Logs

Instead of traditional wood, many fireplace owners are looking to use gas logs in their fireplace. While gas logs are difficult to set up, they avoid many of the typical hassles associated with having a wood burning unit. Gas logs are fueled by either natural gas or propane and burn either blue or yellow.